Automotive diagnostics

Diagnosis until recently has been carried out, mainly, through specialized workshops. This was due, in particular, with poor availability of diagnostic devices, as well as with very high prices. Currently, almost every driver can independently verify the status of all major elements of the car, including the engine, electrical and brake systems. Early detection of fault in most cases allows to reduce the cost of potential repairs, but also increases the safety of operation of the vehicle.

Devices for automotive diagnosis

The store Botland you will find, in particular, on-Board computers, thanks to which you will increase the control over all the most important parameters of the car. The devices are available in our assortment there is a popular OBDII connector, thanks to which they have high functionality and universal application. We offer models the analytical engine rpm and temperature primary fluids. In addition, you will also get error codes, significantly accelerating the search and Troubleshooting. Car diagnostics is particularly useful in the case of complex repairs, as well as in situations, when a particular fault can be caused by several factors. Moreover, due to the wide range of operating temperature, our devices can be used in almost any environment.

Additional information

Devices from our catalogue have J1962 connector, so you get a guarantee of the correct operation of the equipment. In addition, our proposed models are compact design and very low weight, making them extremely mobile. Moreover, a simple and intuitive control makes that even people without experience can use this type of equipment. In the category " diagnostics of cars you will find models which archived the data so that you can quickly compare the selected parameters before and after repair. In our store are available modules communication and diagnostics, and specialized software, whereby the analysis of individual components of the car even more accurate.