Drones Like

You want zaszpanować the latest flying gadget on the market? Quite near an electric line or subsequent pad? It is necessary to understand our proposal, drone Like. It's a unique thing that allows an incredible fun and entertainment for both older and younger. Each of us has an inner child who sometimes need to release. Especially if we can use for this fantastic drone Like that as you will soon notice, there are powers like lightsaber of the Jedi. Here you will find that the best, and also at an affordable price. Once you decide on a specific model, you will be able to sing just as in the popular commercials: "all have the drone, I am."

Drone Like - I fly because I want

You can fly, of course, in a figurative sense, because using drones Like that also, depending on the model has many advanced features. First and foremost, drones are companies Like is a reliable and safe device, which will also include instructions for the technique of safe flight. Moreover, the company also offers video instructions at the Academy of the Drone, which says how to fly safely, also drew attention to what maneuvers drones and user behaviour often causes accidents. Also, we get a mini-lesson from the field piloting the game goes, i.e. who has priority to pass. In our store you will find drones, created with the utmost care and quality. We do not offer customers something, because we believe that how to play, that's all.

With a camera among the drones

Drones Like very often equipped with camera FPV HD or even in 4K, and it's not the millions of coins, as it may seem. There are also machines that have mounted gimbal. It's not enough that we have mega fun flying dronem, then we can see what the view from the top, but it is also possible to view in real time. Increasingly popular is the use of drones to record the events from the mountain, for example, weddings. It is not necessary to additionally invest in operators with such equipment, because we can do it ourselves. Thanks to intuitive operation and clear instructions, maintenance drone will be black magic. Due to the wide range, we can choose a drone Like that will allow us to record events and indoors, for example, Drone quadrocopter Like the X-Bee drone 2.4 2.4 GHz with HD camera. This model is controlled by the instrument with frequency of 2.4 GHz and 6-axis stabilization system provides a sturdy and safe flight. What more could you want?

Many features Like drones

It's not enough that we can record events from a bird's flight is, in addition, we can record on our smartphone. A great example is drone quadrocopter Like the X-Bee drone 3.1 Plus Wi-Fi, which allows, thanks to a webcam with wi-fi. In addition, the drones will be included batteries and at their expense we can enjoy even a 40-minute flight duration. Drones Like they are also above average range from 100 meters to 500 meters. That is, non-standard solutions, and all this is built into the machine in different color variations. Look in the shop Botland and Affairs of the joy for yourself or loved ones, buying a drone Like that will definitely meet all expectations, even the more demanding people.