Scanners 3D

3D printing RepRap project initiated in a short time has revolutionized the technology of manufacturing structural elements, decorative or household items. Today print even the most complex forms is not virtually no problems - just the printer and the material stock. But what if we want to reproduce a real object or sketch, and manually draw a model very difficult or even impossible? Then come to the aid of 3D scanners.

Reengineering has become a fact

3D scanners-find a wide application in many industries and in small design studios. The manual "lifting" of the size and geometry of complex, non-standard parts are often represented an obstacle to the accurate reproduction of the object in a CAD program. The system of action in situations like the opposite than the normal design – because of our disposal of the object, and a 3D digital model necessary only to reproduce. 3D scanners cope with such tasks quickly and ensure accuracy. However, their application does not end in reverse engineering. These devices can also be used to duplicate figurines or decorations on the basis of products manufacturing or in the digital archiving of three-dimensional objects, including works of art. The resulting model can be used for 3D printing or for further editing or game development and VR applications.

EinScan SE and SP is a compact 3D scanners for professionals

In the case of small and medium size parts, smart choice will be scanners EinScan SE and SP – they give a three-dimensional grid, parts with maximum dimensions respectively 70x70x70 cm or 1. 2x1. 2x1. 2 m and a precision of 100 or 50 microns. In addition, in our assortment you will find scanners EinScan SP complete with excellent CAD software Solid Edge ST10. Both devices can operate in automatic mode (including using a turntable with a payload up to 5 kg) and manual modes for working with objects that are large, heavy, or contain to the ground.

Size matters

If you need a 3D scanner that will do akwizycją geometry from the height of even a few meters, select one of the models EinScan from the Pro. Special versions of these devices are not only the maximum height of the scan, but also a number of other parameters and operation modes. For applications in which the grid, three-dimensional is too small, we offer special sets EinScan Color Pack, which allows enrichment geometry for the information about the color texture of objects. It is the perfect solution for those looking for a scanner to archive voluminous copies of works of art – even those of a really impressive size.