Drones DJI Inspire

The drone from the Inspire is a special purpose machine which can reach a maximum speed of up to 108 km/h. Equipped with a high quality camera that delivers high quality images. This device is for professionals who need fast, accurate and zwinnej machine that will provide incredible quality photo and movie shooting. A series of drones the DJI Inspire is a professional tool to work on the set, during difficult photo shoots, as well as for scientific research, equipped with the latest features.

Additional drones for professionals and entrepreneurs

Manufacturer DJI, specializing in contemporary quadrocopterach with different price level. Designed for experienced professionals who insist on the best effects and the ability to experiment during the flight, but for full lovers, who primarily rely on simple and intuitive operation and the ability to record on video your area or to travel from the height of bird flight. A series of drones the DJI Inspire, of course, is a tool for professionals who expect high resolution, clear picture and the opportunity to experiment with personnel during the flight. Quadrocopter is dedicated to Inspire entrepreneurs, large companies, group and photographers. This is a true masterpiece from the available in our market drones.

High quality image resolution of 6K

The drone from the DJI Inspire is equipped with a very stylish video transmission system that can operate on a dual frequency and dual channel streaming video from the main camera and the secondary camera FPW. This is an interesting idea AIDS in proper cooperation between the drone operator and the operator of the camera. The picture displays at resolutions up to 6K and a new system of image processing allows you to record images at speeds up to 5.2 K in formats CinemaDNG RAW, Apple ProRes and many others. Two modes of shooting – fast and challenging for status as a stable tracking of assigned object. Thanks gimbalowi clarity and image stability is maintained even during irregular and flight in the gusts. The lens in certain modes will rotate in the direction of the object, regardless of the position of the flight.

Stable flight and intuitive control drone Inspire

Quadrocopter from DJI can reach a maximum speed of 108 km/h in such a windy mild day. Speed 94 km/h for up to 4 seconds after the start. Descent speed is 9 m/sec. Manufacturer in dronach DJI Inspire is specially used dual batteries. Because of this, despite the weight and achieve high speeds, it can operate at a maximum charge up to 30 minutes. Improved autonomy of the flight, Spotlight Pro allows you to create more complex scenes, even with only one person. Allows to recognize object size, shape and effectively track it and drive around to get the best frame. It's first class flying machine. Ideal for complex survey plans, which require complex logistics and the skills of the operator of the flight and camera.