Drones DJI Phantom

If you are a professional and you need a sound machine to create maps in rugged terrain or for very demanding photo sessions, is to ask the offer on the drones, the DJI Phantom series. Quadrocopterów Phantom series received a great acknowledgement among professionals for their reliability and stable performance during flight. Manufacturer DJI is the leader in production of drones and offers high quality flying machines for photographers, Directors, engineers, and hobbyists who dream of conquering its own piece of the sky.

Reliable Phantom series drones the store Botland

The device of this series is very easy to fly and features a number of advanced technologies that will help in maintaining a stable and safe flight and provide a high quality image. Drone DJI Phantom works with GPS and GLONASS systems, which allow to stabilize the flight path, as well as to notify the operator, in which place is a flying car. The innovative system with the help of installed sensors, senses the upcoming obstacles and effective method allows you to pass them at a safe distance. It is also worth mentioning functions of Active Track, which is able to monitor a user-specified object and to follow it with constant speed. Smart recovery allows for the safe return of the drone to the launch site.

High quality images and professionally recorded movie

The device is equipped with trzyosiowy gimbal, which provides stable and smooth images, regardless of the trajectory or the accompanying wind. The corresponding stabilization of the camera in dronach DJI Phantom delivers high quality shots and videos of people or objects in motion. In the top version built-in camera with CMOS sensor allows you to record images in 4K 720p objects at a distance of 3 km. it is Worth noting that the camera records the image without delay, which allows accurate control of the car today, and it is with very high accuracy. The device is equipped with modern batteries that allow for a full charge on a continuous flight of up to 30 minutes. This time can be achieved with no wind and very calm flight.

Modern sport mode, and a rich set of add-ons

Machine-made DJI, thanks to a special regime sportowemu, can reach speeds up to 72 km/h with no wind. Despite the high speed loses its functionality, and then no problems negotiating obstacles that threatened her life. Ultra-light four screws are made of very lightweight plastic do not fall into sudden oscillations even at very zrywnym and aggressive flight. The DJI Phantom drone is very easy to assemble and reliable. After finishing work quite difficult is the device to pack in the bag. The kit consists of four screws, charger with battery, remote control to control during the flight, cable set, protection gimbala and SD card.