Displays for Raspberry Pi 4B

Legendary mikrokomputery Raspberry affectionately called “malinkami” have a huge recognition among avid fans and experienced electronics. Thanks to these small devices, the creation of effective and useful computer systems much easier. The Raspberry Pi device 4B is the fourth generation, which is much faster than its predecessors and allows more creativity in building new electronic systems. If you are looking for new displays for the Raspberry Pi 4B are, you are perfect, you will find here the best devices that we offer at very attractive prices.

Products by page

Products by page

Modern mikrokomputery fourth generation Raspberry Pi 4B

A new generation of devices series the Raspberry Pi is a later and a much faster processor Quad-core processor with 64-bit kernel type Cork working with a clock frequency of 1.5 GHz. It is also much more efficient cooperation of your new display with Raspberry Pi 4B, which provide significantly dynamiczniejsze communication ports based on USB 3.0 technology, as well as old and proven USB 2.0. Effective communication with other devices also provides nieograniczany speed through USB ports, Gigabit Ethernet and Bluetooth in 5.0. New, much improved architecture of raspberries will significantly improve communication with the display and other devices, so you can be sure that a home video surveillance system will never let You down.

Effective displays and screens for Raspberry devices

In our store you will find Botland high quality screens that will allow You to view a high quality picture in HD technology with Your CCTV system. Our modern touch screens, the LCD is equipped with a matrix type IPS, or TFT. The first type is characterized by a much better viewing angle and provides better color reproduction than standard TN matrices. For that, active matrix TFT screen allows you to view images at much higher resolutions and is also characterized by a faster access time and a much clearer color. Thanks to the cooperation of the display with the Raspberry Pi 4B is much more productive, and ensures that every time a clear image even in lower resolutions.

Easily and quickly connect touch screens

Connection of the display with the Raspberry Pi computer 4B provide a modern HDMI and micro usb and auxiliary cables are located in each set. The principle is very simple. Connectors HDMI take care of the transfer of high quality images from the camera module and the touch screen. Type microUSB ports are responsible for receiving data from the display, which you can then copy to other media. In the process, the device you also can't forget about his food. For each display comes with a power supply that provides the necessary power for operation of the entire device. Part of the screens is completed in a durable elegant case, in which the rear part can be set computer Raspberry. Due to this, we provide some free space around.