The rest of the drones

Lovers of drones happy to test different designs flying. Therefore, in addition to the most popular quadro and hexacopterów, we also offer other less known but equally interesting models. Thus, if you are looking for drone DJI, Yuneec, Tello and see Syma dedicated departments in our online shop, and in this category to see the other drones that might interest You. Next to flying models, you will find here also glasses, multimedia, intelligent control panels dronem and spare propellers.

Attractive models at affordable prices

Kolekcjonujesz drones, you love to compare the functionality and specificity of the models from different manufacturers, or maybe just looking for a design at the beginning of the adventure with flying models? In each of these situations, undoubtedly, will suit your taste two available UAVs: Top Selling Shadow Breaker X6 and Hoverdrone Nano. Their distinctive feature is not only reasonable price, but also very good, as this class of devices, technical parameters. Shadow Breaker Top Selling X6 quadrocopter is equipped with 6-axis żyoskopowy stabilization of flight, and lighting HD camcorder 720 x 480 px. Flexible rotors provide greater strength and resistance to fracture. The second contains the hexacopter drone is a size of only 12 x 12 cm Power Hoverdrone Nano provides Li-Pol, which when fully charged provides up to 8 minutes of flight.

Advanced solutions for enthusiasts

One of the most interesting products that reside in our category other drones, of course, Makeblock Airblock modular design. The heart of the design is the basic module (Manager), who – thanks to the built-in magnesom – joins the rest of the modules, including engines. Connection method with the help of magnets, provides separate parts of the structure strong and accurate fit and at the same time, allows instant "restructuring" of the drone. Foam case provides protection for the blades, rotating in the Central part modules. Management model and setting it up is extremely simple and is based on the mobile app. The drone connects to the phone via Bluetooth. For complex tasks, we recommend a hexacopter Yuneec H920 Tornado with gimbalem and camera CG04 with excellent parameters (matrix 16 Mpx, triple optical zoom and interchangeable lens). All this makes the drone suitable for even professional and will allow you to record images in a format UltraHD (4K). An additional advantage of this versatile model has additional controls that use two frequencies of 2.4 GHz or 5.8 GHz.

Practical accessories for drones

In our store you will find accessories that will come in handy when using drones. In this category we have included smart remote control, designed to control the drone Yuneec. Suitable in situations in which you prefer to manage dronem one hand, and the other to support, at the same time, other devices (e.g., smartphone). Yuneec Wizard provides intuitive operation, including the follow me feature, where the drone moves in accordance with movement of the pilot. If you use the drone Yuneec Breeze, in this category you will find spare sets of screws to it.