Accessories for DJI Inspire

The DJI Inspire is a series of drones, which since introduction into the market, has won a large circle of loyal fans. Of course, much to the credit of these parameters quadrocopterów – lovers wideofilmowania from the height of bird flight attracted, above all, the ideal picture settings (4K quality, fast and reliable transmission of HD gimbal and rotating 360 degrees). Subsequent versions of these devices only raised the bar. A big advantage of the design of a flying Chinese manufacturer, however well as accessories for DJI Inspire, among which you will find almost all what could possibly dream of during air missions.

To protect fragile items drone

As befits a additional design, technical with complex electronics, drones DJI Inspire contain elements that need to provide special protection. These include, first of all, the propeller is rotating with great speed, and thus also are subjected to powerful loads in a collision with any obstacle (e.g. a tree). In our assortment you will find special covers for screws, by which zabezpieczysz delicate shovel. Should be reserved for the enhancement of the chassis, to facilitate a secure fit on uneven and shaky ground. And protection from mechanical damage gimbala guarantees a special plastic cover, to protect from excessive exposure of the camera lens to the sun's rays.

For transport and storage

Fully charging the battery allows the drone often on for about 20 to 25 minutes of flight. It is therefore advisable to always carry spare packs in case of need to quickly replace them and no obstacles to keep shooting. Hand baggage the range of the operator of the drone DJI Inspire may be filters, protective covers screws, reflecting mats for landing. The necessary control equipment including controllers of the flight. An impressive set of equipment requires appropriate packaging for transportation. In our assortment you will find special for drones DJI Inspire suitcases transport, as well as covers and pouch. Great importance for the safety accessories is storage batteries, which in case of damage or overheating creates the risk of fire. Of course, so we recommend you to purchase a protective bag for DJI batteries.

For even higher quality photos

High-class camera with an excellent lens-is the Foundation of success, but for shooting perfect photos useful for additional accessories. For drones DJI Inspire recommend the original sets of filters for various applications. You'll find we have, in particular filters that allow for a long exposure image, protect it from zaświetlaniem and facilitate an appropriate balance brightness in individual plans. The optical elements are supplied from reputable manufacturers and are of excellent characteristics, including high resistance to scratches and water and also a very good transmittance of light.