Spare parts for DJI Inspire

Spare parts, accessories and spare elements for drone DJI Inspire.

Range for professional drone DJI

The proposal Botland can be found, in particular, original spare parts and accessories for drones series DJI Inspire. Not every encounter ends in complete failure of the device. In many cases of breakage are exposed to the selected items. In the case that the user has spare parts, they can be quickly set up and continue video recording or photographing. In assortment of our shop you can find, in particular, propellers, made of very lightweight but durable and resistant to external influences material. We offer, in particular, propellers, designed for models DJI Inspire 2 with the possibility of a safe flight at high altitudes, 2500 m above sea level. M. due to its construction elements of this type are extremely easy and quick installation, so the installation does not require special skills. This can be done in almost any conditions. Choosing original spare parts for drone DJI Inspire, we can be sure that for compatibility and high performance.

Control equipment for drone DJI

Often devices which enable precise control of unmanned aircraft down, including when falling from a height. In our product range available, in particular, the original control equipment is fully compatible with DJI Inspire drone 2 as RTK Matrice 210, 210, and 200. An additional advantage of devices of this type is the ability to quickly install a monitor CrystalSky, thanks to which the operator has full view of the image. Considering the high maximum brightness of the display can be used in almost any environment. In addition, the handle can securely attach to the smartphone. Maximum radius of operation of equipment under favorable the environment is up to 3.5 kilometers. The equipment works by using high performance Li-polymer. The device offers a choice of operating frequencies, whereby the operator can quickly switch to a less crowded row. Equipment of this type is characterized by a wide range of operating temperature, so that can be freely used both during summer and winter. Moreover, the device can be recharged via USB. Despite the advanced functionality of the equipment is small in size and relatively low weight, which is especially important when working in the field.

Original spare parts is the guarantee of smooth operation

While staying at the store Botland, you can be assured that you will receive an original, full-fledged product that will be fully compatible with Your device. Our spare parts are no hidden defects, thereby have a long life even with intensive use. If you are looking for high quality spare parts, which uses, in particular in the services under warranty, check the wide range of the online store Botland. Our experts will surely help you in choosing the best solution tailored to Your needs and preferences. We invite you to contact consultants of the shop Botland.