Accessory for DJI Phantom

DJI Phantom drones give their users a huge opportunity. Dynamic lot, improved camera capable of shooting in 4K and OcuSync system, which automatically switches to transmission range low symptoms-this guarantee incredibly smooth transfer of heavenly panoramas. In our store you will find a wide selection of accessories for the DJI Phantom, from the flight controllers in the form of points multimedia filters for lenses – to make Your experience with flying dronem was even more gorgeous.

Sun multimedia FPV to feel the altitude in their own skin

One of the most interesting experiences, some drones offer their users is the possibility of observing the flight from the position of the first observer (eng. FPV, that is a First-Person View). Mounted on a design of a flying camera transmits real-time image in the multimedia glasses, and these lead him to one or two large format LCD screens. Working with points such as DJI Glasses, it could just be an interesting and exciting experiment, but also has certain benefits that will satisfy even professionals. Glasses provide, for more – compared to conventional, flat screen - the viewing angle is, of course, also facilitates the control over the implementation record. The operator of a drone DJI Phantom can decide to transition the device into management mode, " Head Tracking Flight to guide the entire design or in the mode of Head Tracking Gimbal to control the position gimbala using head movements.

Filters for lenses DJI Phantom

Although the camera comes with dronem DJI Phantom provides excellent conditions for wideofilmowania, then during the flight is exposed to a lot of interference. The image quality deteriorates, particularly intense solar radiation, which creates excessive contrast between near and future plans image, difficult to capture the details, and may even damage the fragile elements of the optics. Thanks to the special filters, you can significantly improve video quality. In our offer you will find red and orange filter for drone DJI Phantom. Orange filter increases the exposure time and allows to better balance the brightness of the sky and earth. A red filter enhances the contrast of the image in places, is highly reflective (e.g., snow).

Other useful accessories

In our offer you will also find other accessories for the DJI Phantom, which will surely be part of the basic equipment on every expedition with Your quadrocopterem. In required should dedicated battery – required when you need will be the quick replacement of an empty package. Always worth having a set of two light propellers because they are the most susceptible to damage element of any design flying. And to store and transport your DJI Phantom drone, select available we have a special suitcase.