Control equipment for DJI Phantom

In the mass consciousness drones DJI Phantom associated with flying structures, which due to the location of the screws and the control parameters can perform complex tricks. The most popular models are equipped with quadrocopterów as the camera allows video and still photography from the height of bird flight. Along with the growth of technical progress models themselves drones are also growing demands on controllers used for remote control quadrocopterami. Meanwhile, this is the transmitter for the DJI Phantom allows these devices to deploy the power.

State of the art controllers

Flight controllers DJI Phantom allow not only to control the device itself, but also maintain clear video images. In the last dronach built by Chinese manufacturer the system was applied to OcuSync controllers of the flight of this brand fully cooperate with him. For video transmission took place without interruption or delay, the controller searches for a frequency that will provide the best images in these conditions. A very interesting version of the controller is tracking the route that the user draws on the screen (as a line), and flying model plays her in flight. Radio control DJI Phantom is supported by a special app DJI GO, which can also be used for photo editing session implemented using a drone.

Camera control using the monitor...!

Functions of the control equipment for drone DJI Phantom expands the selected monitor CrystalSky working with software DJI GO. On the one hand, it provides a very high transfer efficiency, and the resulting image may transfer to other devices, for example, the multimedia glasses. On the other hand, because of the built-in app allows intuitive and convenient operation of the camera. An additional advantage of the use CrystalSky in conjunction with control equipment for DJI Phantom is the fact that it provides excellent image acquisition with cameras and high brightness, uwidaczniającą all the details of the record.

Phenomenal opportunities googles multimedia

Most of the controllers of the flight has the shape of a console, equipped with rods and buttons. All popularniejszą control for drones DJI Phantom, however, points multimedia, equipped with a panoramic display. Directions quadrocopterem intended mode of Head Tracking Flight in which the drone responds to the movement of the head. It's intuitive navigation, which you can learn instantly. Movement up and down, changing the camera position and the movement of the right and left affects the direction of flight of the whole machine. There is also the possibility of managing the same gimbalem mode (Head Tracking Gimbal). Of course, in the case of points the media could not have enough buttons with menu functions.