Accessories for DJI Mavic

Drones DJI Mavic belong to the extremely popular devices in its class półprofesjonalnej. The compact size, the systems that support smart bypassing obstacles and speed up to 40 km/h make of them a great offer for people who want flying design provided support in wideofilmowaniu and shooting. Drones DJI Mavic Pro allow you to twist 4K video, I answer thus, even very high expectations. However, to fully use the capabilities of the quadcopter, it is necessary to purchase accessories for DJI Mavic. A wide selection of them you will find in our store.

To reinforce the structure and protect the memory...

If you often take your drone in the air, especially needed for the protection of the most vulnerable elements of its design. In our store you will find cover gimbala, useful for transport and in flight. Some models are designed for drone DJI Mavic 2 represent additional protection against too intense sun light. You should consider also the cover screws, which are not shy of their rotation, while shovels from breaking. And during carrying or transport of the whole structure you will need a high-end case which zmagazynujesz quadrocopter as well as all accessories for DJI Mavic you want to have on hand. Also remember the bags on the battery to prevent fire in case of an accidental ignition of the link.

For higher quality images and long life of the lenses

Among the accessories to DJI Mavic a big part of the different kinds of filters for lenses. They provide a thin optical elements reliable protection from water and zatłuszczeniem, and thanks to a layer antyrefleksyjnej, improve the quality of the image. And graduated filters allow you to adjust the brightness of the image in a situation when the background is much brighter, the closer that greatly enhances control over exposure of the image. The materials used allowed us to create filters with small weight, so their installation does not affect in any way the operation of the entire device, including primarily gimbala. Take advantage of ready-made kits offered in our store, to be able to experiment with photos from the height of bird flight. In many situations, will serve You well as a brush for cleaning lenses and filters. With their help remove the optics with dust, without the risk of scratching the glass shell.

For even greater joy of flight

If it happens that in the heat wideofilmowania Your drone in case of damage or wear during intense exploitation, use of range of original spare parts for drone DJI Mavic. Here you will find, first of all, spare propellers, and batteries and chargers, through which nothing will prevent You complete missions. And accessory sets, including the airfield for drone DJI Mavic and of the exaltation of the chassis will make it more safe, the most newralgiczną part of the mission – landing – regardless of what kind of environment will come to You to return the drone to the ground.