Control equipment for DJI Mavic

In the case of the ancient, remote-controlled flying models, flight control was to determine the direction and speed with which this car had to move. Operators of modern quadrocopterów have in front of you, however, is much more challenging – especially if lead is so advanced platforms for wideofilmowania as drones DJI Mavic. And although manufacturers design flying make every effort to equip its models in the range of sufficiency (at least in obstacle avoidance or return to the start before the battery is exhausted), it is critical to safe and accurate mission remains the modern control equipment for DJI Mavic.

Flight controller about the great opportunities

Specialized flight controllers for drones DJI Mavic provide excellent support for advanced technical solutions to the quadcopter. A perfect example is primarily used in the management of the system OcuSync. It solves the main problems: noise, which may appear during the transmission of air the live program. If you want to capture every interesting moment of this event and take photos without worrying that the best shots of the "run" problem of image transfer, you will appreciate the importance OcuSync built-in radio system DJI Mavic. The system has the task of checking individual frequency bands of transmission and automatic switching between them – for such frequencies in a given time will give the best transmission parameters.

The display controller or the multimedia glasses?

DJI Smart Controller is a special flight controller for DJI Mavic has a screen with a diagonal of 5.5 inches. It allows viewing of the camera image, and the brightness and vivid details make the pleasure of receiving the transfer from the camera is not covered or intense sunlight or other adverse weather conditions. However, the implementation of the mission by the controller is niejedyna opportunity – a lot of interesting emotion can deliver, for FPV goggles multimedia. In our store you'll find the control equipment for drone DJI Mavic in the form of a multimedia glasses with built-in displays for panoramic image playback.

Sun media – high realism wideofilmowania

Glasses multimedia DJI cooperate with the previously mentioned system OcuSync, guaranteeing fast and interference-free image acquisition. Due to the design – typical points media offers an incredibly realistic impression of personal involvement in flight. Proven themselves the role of the control equipment for drone DJI Mavic. Support HD and full HD, when the image 720p provides 60 frames per second, while 1080p is the standard 30 frames per second. In the mode of Head Tracking Gimbal and Head Tracking Flight allow you to manage accordingly: gimbalem or a design flying, only using the head movements of the operator. Moreover, in addition to cooperation with dronem DJI Mavic will provide support during games or watching movies.