Passive elements with adjustable resistance.

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Products by page

The potentiometer in most of the devices used in home equipment

You speaker system, audio and small domestic APPLIANCES refrigerator with adjustable power with a knob or slider? In this case, there is a high probability that this system uses potentiometers in their work. If the system fails or is damaged, it is not necessary to get rid of all of the product – fixing it can be quick, easy and much cheaper than buying a new set.

If you are lovers of works associated with the construction and the design of electronic systems, should have in their home kits, which will be the model with various parameters and opornościach. It's easier to move the potentiometer for devices and users. In this category you will find as a separate additional offers and entire sets for demanding. We also potencjometrami that are compatible with modules Arduino – so fans of automation, robotics and computerization will also find an assortment for yourself!

Available types of potentiometers

Layouts can often require a variety of parts, and potentiometers can be divided, in particular, on: swivel mounting, multi-touch, digital, lightning, lying and precise. Of course, they also share due to the application. Can be optionally equipped with a circuit breaker or motor – option for designers is really a lot. It all depends on the expectations of the people developing the layout or restoring damaged electronic equipment.

In this category we also have knobs and sliders that let you adjust. We always guarantee the best ratio of price and quality of the range, because the satisfaction of our customers is a priority that cares a whole team of specialists. Also we are passionate about new technologies, so we offer equipment from which they themselves enjoy.