A potentiometer is a type of resistor with sliding or rotating middle branch, which creates, thus, an adjustable voltage divider. If you are using only two pins on one end and a Central back off, moved to rezystywnej surface in the element, it works as a variable resistor. Potentiometers are widely used to control electrical devicessuch as volume control in audio equipment, speed in electrical devices, etc. the Potentiometers are supported by more complex mechanisms can be used as, for example, position sensors in the joystick. Potentiometers are rarely used to directly control significant power (more than W), because the power dissipated in the potentiometer would be comparable in power to a controlled load.

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A potentiometer is an adjustable resistor with wide applications

The resistors are often used to control electric and electronic devices. These elements, depending on the geometry, allow you to convert a rotational motion or posuwisty on the resistance change in the range from zero to 100% of the nominal resistance of the element. Furthermore, if a potentiometer is used as voltage divider, with all three conclusions, after connection DC voltage and mass to extreme conclusions, on average, tension is proportional to the slider position of the potentiometer.

Design and types of potentiometers

Potentiometers consist of a resistive element and a movable contact that moves along this element. In addition, this element is a mechanical element that moves the Central contact. Many potentiometers are constructed with a support member formed in the bow, usually slightly less than a full rotation and one flow sensor at this element in turn, creating electric contact. In potencjometrach panel slider, usually the middle terminal of the three conclusions. In the case of the potentiometers the sensor can jednoobrotowych to make one revolution around the axis of the element (typically, incomplete). In the case of the potentiometers the actuators, the added elements of the mechanical moving contact, for example, a screw gear or these elements have a helical resistive element and the regulator, which rotates at 10, 20, or more complete turns. The other mode is a linear slide potentiometer which has a slider moving along a linear element of metal. Also known as a linear potentiometer.

Potentiometer - Basic parameters

The main parameter characterizing the potentiometer maximum nominal resistance. This resistance strip of metal, which moves the slider and at the same time is the maximum resistance value that can be set through this item. The second important parameter is the characteristic resistance changes. Two main characteristics that are used in potencjometrach commercially available, is a characteristic of linear and logarithmic. Linear potentiometers are characterized by a linear dependence of the resistance from moving the slider potentiometers with logarithmic characteristics have this feature logarytmiczną. The last parameter of this element, which is worth paying attention to is the power. However, the potentiometer is rarely used in the places where you will have to allocate considerable power, it is necessary to check whether the selected element meets the requirements of the particular application for the device.