Spare parts for DJI Mavic

Spare parts, accessories and spare elements for drone DJI Mavic.

A wide range of spare parts and components for drone DJI Mavic

Not only novice operators of unmanned aerial vehicles, but also more experienced employees who repeatedly have problems with the fit and control, especially in variable weather conditions and strong wind strengths from different directions. Seemingly innocuous incidents may be partially or completely damage the drone. You should be very careful while operating in potentially hazardous areas to reduce the risk of collision to a minimum. In assortment of our shop you can find, in particular, spare parts, intended for drone DJI Mavic. We offer, in particular, special rubber, whose main task is the attenuation too harsh landings, as well as protection during clashes. Despite its compact size, eraser effectively protects the chassis of the drone. In our store you can find both protective elements right and left of the chassis. Moreover, we provide mounting shoulders are for model DJI Mavic 2. In Botland available original spare parts, which uses, in particular in the services under the guarantee.

The rest of the parts

To pictures been irreproachable stability, apply gimbale that are affected, in particular, for mechanical damage. The store Botland can be found, in particular cover designed for the model DJI Mavic 2 Zoom, which effectively protects the gimbal during transport and during storage. You should know that the shell can be installed also in the case when filters have been set, whereby stands out for versatility and universal application. Elements of this type are made of lightweight yet durable reinforced nylon that is resistant to external factors. Adequate protection, which makes the gimbal, and therefore the drone will function properly for a long time.

High quality is the guarantee of smooth operation

Repeatedly light collision or not a soft landing associated with a tinge of fear, as well as minor injuries. Of course, there are also situations where the drone is completely destroyed, although modern models are equipped with a number of sensors that protect. The use of high quality parts guarantee the machine's normal operation. In addition, genuine spare parts features a long lifespan, thanks to which you will not have to change them again for a very long period. Company DJI a leader in the market of unmanned aerial vehicles. In each of the following security models at a higher level, however, the most sensitive parts are always to be made. Choosing our store, you can be assured that you will get a complete, original product, no hidden defects. Moreover, our specialists will be happy to answer any questions concerning, in particular, spare parts and drones DJI Mavic.