Neo - automatics for home

The Shenzhen Neo Electronic Corporation's product range is versatile devices for building automation systems for smart homes. Each of the Neo devices is designed in a thoughtful way. Neo home automation modules are very easy to install, start and use. The wireless communication system allows convenient control of various home automation functions and is very economical due to low power consumption. Neo building automation devices can be battery powered and are ideal for rooms where access to the mains network is very difficult. Neo home automation devices offered in the Botland store include intelligent electric sockets controlled by Wi-Fi, door and window opening sensors, wall switches for lighting and ventilation control, intelligent LED bulbs, as well as cameras and alarm modules. All Neo modules support wireless connectivity over a Wi-Fi network as well as over a local area network (LAN) and can work with the Google Home service. By combining the voice assistant with sensor and measuring devices together, you can also receive voice notifications informing about e.g. changes occurring in environmental conditions.

Neo - smart and easy in use home automation modules

In this category, we offer a wide range of Shenzhen Neo home automation devices. The most important advantages of these devices include the versatility of applications, low energy consumption and easy operation. Built-in wireless communication system is a huge advantage of Neo modules. The user gets the ability to connect and control multiple modules at the same time, so you can build an advanced home automation system with powerful configuration options. Shenzhen Neo modules can also work with Amazon Alexa and Google Home applications. Products in this category offered by the Botland store include temperature and humidity sensors cooperating with a warning alarm, sensors for the presence of hazardous gases and flooding of the area, wall switches for lighting and ventilation control, as well as motion sensors. In addition, we offer intelligent electrical sockets with a built-in energy consumption measurement function and control of the receivers switching on and off via Wi-Fi. Also very useful is the IP camera and IR remote control that allows you to control lighting, air conditioning and multimedia devices.

Neo home automation - control your home via the mobile app!

One of the most popular applications to control devices in intelligent buildings is Tuya Smart. This application is universal and can work with home automation systems from many different manufacturers, including Neo. Using the Tuya Smart application, you can not only control home automation but also specify the configuration of devices and save and load all settings saved in the cloud of data. The Tuya Smart app also allows you to track electricity consumption and create daily and monthly reports. In this way, you can optimize electricity demand and significantly reduce maintenance costs. Tuya Smart can work on both Android OS and Apple iOS devices.