Smart switches

The wide offer of building automation devices available in the Botland store also includes high-quality intelligent light switches that significantly enrich the basic capabilities of ordinary light switches. Using intelligent wall switches, you can control the operation of any home devices via a wireless network. We offer switch modules controlling home lighting (switching on and off the intensity and colour of light), advanced relay modules controlled by Wi-Fi or radio waves in the 868MHz frequency band, as well as wall light switches. By using accessories included in this product category, you can enrich your home with many interesting functionalities. Using a dedicated mobile application, you can control switches remotely via a Wi-Fi network. Using a mobile phone, you can change parameters such as heating temperature or lighting intensity, from anywhere in the world. We also offer 230VAC relay controlled switches and dimmer modules. Please check out the details of our wide offer at the Botland Store!

Products by page

Products by page

Smart multi-function switches designed for wall surface mounting

The Botland store offer includes various types of intelligent switches to control home devices in many ways. Most smart switches allow you to control via Wi-Fi, but also other communication protocols. For example, the Coolseer RF Wall Switch touch button designed for wall mounting is equipped with a radio module that operates at 433MHz. Thanks to the built-in battery, there is no need to route power cables to the switch. The switch can be controlled directly (by the touch) or by remote control. In our store, you can also buy switches from the AST system series. These are intelligent, programmable lighting control switches. Built-in GPS module allows you to track sunrise and sunset. The construction of AST switches supports cooperation with photocells and twilight sensors. The module is controlled wirelessly via Bluetooth using a mobile application on the phone, through which the user can precisely set and correct the time of switching on / off the lighting.

Zamel Exta Life / Exta Free - smart relay control modules designed for flush mounting

The range of switches for building automation systems also includes intelligent relay modules designed for flush mounting. One of the most popular models on the market is flush-mounted relays from the Polish company Zamel from the Exta Life and Exta Free series. These relay systems use the 868MHz radio frequency band for communication. If you want to enrich devices in your home with advanced control of their power supply, certainly interesting for you will be relays controlling the switching on and off of single-phase 230VAC circuits, with a built-in Wi-Fi module, which are produced by Polish companies Blebox, Eura-Tech and Fibaro. For more complex installations, it is worth choosing the Inveo module, which is equipped with 8 250VAC relays and internet server support. In our offer, there are also control devices with LCD display and sensors for measuring environmental conditions, as well as fire and burglar detectors.