Yanosik smartphone road

Yanosik smartphone road

With today's traffic on the roads, it becomes increasingly difficult to travel efficiently and without interference. Incidentally, for this reason becoming more popular all sorts of ways to bypass the heavy traffic. Yanosik smartphone traffic is currently one of the most popular solutions of this type. Easy to use, free alerts, and navigation is something that has attracted more than 5 million users! In our store we offer a series Yanosik, which greatly facilitates Your journey.

Crowded streets – the nightmare of modern cities

When traveling in a car or on a motorcycle, after our crowded roads at the present time is not easy. A growing number of users and not nadążający for the development of road infrastructure is causing growing frustration driving the vehicles. In our store we offer You a system that is Yanosik smartphone road. With these simple devices, you will be able to bypass traffic jams or to get the shortest route to home.

Yanosik - one system, many possibilities

Using our own means of communication, we have to deal with many disadvantages that we can meet on your way. Yanosik smartphone traffic is offer in our store especially for You that will be very useful on the road. Use navigation will make it easier to bypass congestion, in turn, built-in voice assistant will report collisions and accidents. Check the police and the camera is no longer made risk, and the option of DVR recording for each event the road.

A variety of operating system versions Yanosik

In section Yanosik smartphone traffic we offer devices with physical buttons and a mini onboard computer, which will track the performance of the car. Connects via OBDII connector, collects information about consumption, engine speed, coolant temperature or oil, and also reads error codes. Yanosik model XS is the smallest, devoid of the display module of the family Yanosika with the ability to connect it to Y24 free app available for Android and iOS.

The largest community road

User base praises as the manufacturer, is the largest in Poland, as evidenced by the number of notifications and warnings. Yanosik smartphone road is a very popular category in our online shop allows you to join million satisfied users and enjoy assistant road. It should be remembered that buying the system after 30 days, you need to go to the manufacturers website and subscribe. They are offered in three variants - 12, 24 months or lifetime, their cost is, respectively, 99 UAH, UAH 198 and 299 UAH.