Yanosik smartphone road

Among the consumer electronics devices available on the market, apart from computers, smartphones and tablets, navigation systems are also very popular. Mobile devices, as well as apps for mobile phones, are especially popular. Both solutions are very good in everyday use. The Polish production of the Yanosik system is one of the best examples. This mobile application and its accessories work similarly as a multimedia warning system against speed cameras, which also functions as a CB-radio. The name of the product is not accidental and comes from the title character of the Polish series "Janosik" (1974), in which the main character is played by Polish actor, Marek Perepeczko - the titular Janosik, he took from the rich and gave to the poor. What is the relationship between a movie character and the navigation system? The Yanosik system collects information from some drivers and passes it on to other drivers. In the Botland store, we offer devices from the Yanosik series, which will greatly facilitate your journey. Easy operation, free warnings and navigation are the top highlights of Yanosik, which is already used by over 5 million users!

Yanosik - a comprehensive navigation and warning system for every driver

The growing number of users and the lagging behind in the development of road infrastructure causes increasing frustration for drivers of motor vehicles. Our store offers a system such as Yanosik - road communicator. Thanks to these easy-to-use devices, you will be able to avoid traffic jams or plan the fastest route home, thus saving time and fuel. When using your car or motorcycle, we must take into account many difficulties that we may encounter on our way. Yanosik - the road communicator is a great companion that will prove to be extremely helpful during any trip. Using navigation will help you avoid traffic jams, and the built-in voice assistant informs you about collisions and accidents and the vicinity. Police checks and speed cameras will no longer pose a risk, and thanks to the video recorder option, you will be able to record every traffic incident. The system obtains all the necessary data on increased traffic using an application that receives information from the satellite-based on earlier analyzes of the speed at which users are travelling on a specific road at a given moment. How do we know that there is an accident or a patrol on the road we are driving? Application users, when encountering one of these road events, press the appropriate button, the signal is sent to the satellite, and then to other users of the application and the Yanosik system.

Yanosik - comprehensive navigation, wide users community

In this category, Yanosik devices offered by our store include a traffic communicator equipped with physical function buttons and a small on-board computer that allows you to track the vehicle coordinates in real-time. Connected via the OBD2 connector, it collects information on fuel consumption, engine speed, coolant and engine oil temperature, and reads error codes. The Yanosik XS model is the smallest module from the Yanosik series that can be connected to the free Y24 mobile application, available for Android and iOS.

Yanosik - the largest user community among drivers. The Yanosik user community is the largest in Poland, which can be seen from the number of notifications and road warnings. Yanosik - the traffic messenger is a very popular category in our store - it allows you to join a million satisfied users and enjoy the road assistant. It should be remembered that when buying a device after 30 days, you must visit the manufacturer's website and purchase a subscription. The Yanosik application can be considered a substitute for CB-radio and it is promoted by the manufacturer in this way. The accuracy of the map is very good and it will lead you to your destination without any problems. Even if you are driving to a smaller town than a typical urban agglomeration, you will easily find the fastest way to your destination. There are no street names on the map on the screen - and this is the biggest minus of Yanosik. In small towns, even the names of the districts that the program displays when you enter Warsaw, for example, do not appear. You have to check for yourself how it will be in your place of residence.