Leads video and audio for the Raspberry Pi 4B

Raspberry Pi 4B-this is the newest model in the popular series of minicomputers. The device offers great technical capabilities – among other things, is capable of transmitting the image and sound high quality through the HDMI port. To make full use of the capabilities of the purchased equipment is to provide the right combination between minikomputerem and receiver (e.g., monitor or TV with a connected set nagłośnieniowym home theater). We have a wide variety of cables of high quality – the individual models differ in the materials used for the production, length and color.

Leads video and audio for the Raspberry Pi 4B

Raspberry Pi 4B has an output microHDMI connector – easy to connect such equipment to a monitor or TV to upload there picture and sound with minikomputera. HDMI is a connector that is designed for the simultaneous transmission of image and sound of very high quality. It is necessary to choose the appropriate tools depending on the purpose of their application. If the cable is used to transfer the image to the projector, hung on the wall, on which to display static slides with text, it is perfectly suitable wire niklowanych ends. If you have good quality TV and sound system, and you want to use them is to invest in gold plated ferrules. Gold as a precious metal, is not subject to oxidation, which allows you to protect links from the formation of corrosion (rust). Due to this signal transmission will be possible without losses, and the cable retains its properties for a very long time. The advantage of long wires is the possibility of signal with more difficult hard-to-reach places, like with the projector installed on the bracket under the ceiling to the computer on the table.

That offers Botland?

We offer cables for video and audio for the Raspberry Pi 4B high quality, designed to connect minikomputera equipped with a microHDMI connector with devices equipped with a HDMI port. In Botland store you will find the wires are Nickel-plated and gold-plated. Gold plated will provide a higher quality signal over a longer time, and Nickel is perfect for less demanding applications, such as cheaper but durable alternative. You can choose from a wire under the manufacturer Raspberry and replacements made by the company Kruger&Matz, Akyga or Lexton. Specific models differ in length (from 1 to 3 metres) and flowers. In this category are also available adapter microHDMI - HDMI.