Memory card for Raspberry Pi 4B

In our store we offer high quality microSD memory card, specially selected for use as a carrier of memory in the last mikrokomputerach Raspberry Pi 4B. With ease you will find cards with capacities from 8 to 32GB. It is worth considering that a more important parameter when used in minikomputerze the class and speed of writing and reading data. In this category we offer only the models klasyfikujące to the highest speed class memory card for Raspberry Pi 4B class 10.


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Memory card for Raspberry Pi 4B

In this category we offer memory card class 10 (class 10 designation is the highest speed where a minimum write speed of 10 MB/sec). We have a wide variety of models capable of reading data at speeds of 30 MB/sec to 100 MB/sec. Raspberry Pi 4B is the latest and currently the fastest model mini-computer the series. To fully use its features, when purchasing, it is necessary to take care of security in the appropriate SD card (if the device has no onboard storage memory). To offer, we have maps, made brand is reputable and experienced in the industry of mobile storage - Goodram and Sandisk. Deciding on the microSD memory card from our range, you can be sure that its cooperation with minikomputerem Raspberry Pi 4B is fast and stable.

System NOOBS, microSD card and Raspberry Pi 4B

In order to install the operating system on your Raspberry Pi 4B, must have proper microSD card. For people who are not very experienced in programming, and for beginners in electronics whether robotyków, the best and fastest solution would be to use a special program developed for this purpose. NOOBS (New Out of Box Software) is a program that is used as a special installer operating systems on microSD cards in minikomputerach Raspberry Pi. Thanks to him, you can easily set the appropriate edits Linux, Raspbian, Openelec, RaspBMC, or even Windows. Remember the memory card is formatted to FAT32, then put on it the entire contents of the extracted file with NOOBS operating system, connect to the computer and follow the instructions. Detailed installation instructions can be found on the Internet – among other things, the portal FORBOT. After successful installation on the Raspberry set clearly established.