Enclosure for Raspberry Pi 4B

Most electronic devices for correct functioning can be checked very quickly, as soon as all components are soldered and the power supply connected. The LEDs are on, the motors are spinning, the LCD display shows messages - it can be said that everything works as it should, according to the design assumptions. However, the question is - how to make the circuits of our device work correctly in everyday use without a risk of failure? Of course, it is worth ensuring adequate protection of the device against damage by mounting it in the eclosure. The same thing is with the Pi 4B - the latest single-board minicomputer of the Raspberry Pi series, as well as its predecessors. We offer a wide selection of housings with the necessary mounting elements. The enclosures available in the Botland store are varied in colour, profiling, and other important-to-note parameters. This way you can choose the proper enclosure for the Raspberry Pi, also taking into account the cooling system and the presence of additional hardware extensions.


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Products by page

Products by page

Enclosures for Raspberry Pi 4B - reliable protection and attractive a single enclosure!

For proper protection of Your Raspberry Pi 4B against damage and its use, that is easy and comfortable, you need to choose the enclosure properly for the additional equipment with which your minicomputer will work. Therefore, if you intend to use the Raspberry Pi 4B as a free-standing desktop computer with a keyboard, mouse and monitor, the best choice will be to buy a closed case that has holes for the micro SD card slot, power supply socket, USB, audio, Ethernet and HDMI ports. Such enclosure will also be a good choice for applications in which the computer is permanently mounted. Officially dedicated enclosure for the Raspberry Pi 4B in a closed-form is available in our store in white and red, as well as in black. The housing is made of solid ABS plastic. In the set, the user receives anti-slip rubber pads that ensure the stability of the housing and good adhesion to the surface. On the other hand, if you want to use the Raspberry Pi 4B as a platform for prototyping electronics, then the better choice will be an open housing. This version of the housing provides easy access to GPIO connector, as well as mounting the LCD module and other useful hardware extensions.

Can I install my Raspberry Pi 4B module in the enclosure for older models?

If you want to install your single-board computer in an enclosure, you must pay attention to the device's dimensions and how the connectors and other peripheral elements are arranged. Although the Raspberry Pi 4B has identical PCB dimensions as the models from the 1B, 2B and 3B series, there are differences in the arrangement of the connectors. From here you need to know that the housings for older Raspberry Pi models will not match the specifications of the Pi 4B model. Fortunately, you don't have to worry about this problem. We offer various types of enclosures dedicated to the Raspberry Pi model 4B. The enclosures have been computer designed and manufactured with the utmost care at finest details. The location of the holes is fully compatible with the location of the connectors on the Pi 4B PCB board, which makes mounting the module very easy. Enclosures for Raspberry Pi 4B are characterized by attractive design and provide reliable protection against mechanical and electrical damages. At the same time, please note that the housing for the Raspberry Pi 4B will not fit into the design of older models from the Raspberry Pi series.

Specialized enclosures for non-standard applications

Apart from standard plastic housings, In the Botland store offer, there are available housings equipped with a BLDC-powered fan and metal housings with specially profiled heat sinks for heat dissipation enhancement. This is a particularly interesting option if you are looking for an enclosure specifically for applications working in an environment where the temperature is higher than typical room temperature which is equal to 20°C. On the other hand, the enclosures with VESA mounting bracket with 75mm x 75mm mounting hole spacing, allow the Raspberry Pi 4B to be easily mounted on a wall or rear side of the TV cabinet. Each enclosure set we offer for Raspberry Pi 4B includes screws, latches and other necessary mounting elements.