Modules and kits Raspberry Pi 4B

In June of 2019 premiere of the last part of the legendary microcomputer Raspberry Pi version 4B. It is a reliable brand, which is happy to use electronics and robotycy – no, probably people from the industry, which is not znałaby her though minimal. Each of the following views offering users all the great features. Currently minikomputer even faster and more effectively. In this category we offer modules and kits Raspberry Pi 4B – all accessories are matched to each other and gathered in one place. An additional advantage of such a purchase is the price much more attractive than in the case of the selection of all elements.

Modules and kits Raspberry Pi 4B

In this category we offer three versions of the Raspberry Pi module 4B, as well as various sets (both containing the module, as also by the accessories). Mikrokomputery in this category are found in three variations, which differ in the amount of RAM - 1 GB, 2 GB and 4 GB of RAM LPDDR4 version. The shape and size of the tiles remained unchanged relative to the previous version – still look the size in the size of a credit card. Drive unit is now stronger and faster, Quad-core, 64-bit processor ARM-8 Cortex-A72, which is processed with 1.5 GHz. Significantly better performance has allowed the use of a larger amount of RAM.

Communication at the highest level in the Raspberry Pi

The device also changed from the point of view of the location of the connectors. There is a new or updated standards. Power port fits in with the latest trends is the USB type-C. Voltage supply, which is recommended by the manufacturer, is 5 Volts, and the current should not exceed 3 A. the User can now use up to 4 USB connectors type A (including 2 x very fast USB 3.0 and 2 x USB 2.0). Connection with speed up to 2 MB/sec is due the latest version of the Bluetooth module is 5.0, and updated, the full version provides Gigabit transmission with speed up to 1000 Mbps with the use of cables. In addition, the user can quickly connect the device to two monitors, and reproduce the picture in 4K resolution, thanks to the micro HDMI slots. The tile also has a built-in module wi-fi 802.11 ac (according to the latest official agreements in respect of naming it wi-fi 5) that 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz, which allows the user to connect the device to the network. Raspberry Pi, of course, has communication interfaces such as I2C, SPI and UART, and the memory is provided thanks to the microSD card. On the device you can install the operating system Raspbian, Openelec, RaspBMC, OSMC Linux or even Windows 10 Flight.

Modules and kits Raspberry Pi 4B - what we offer?

The range of this category is three versions of the Raspberry Pi 4B tiles with different sizes of RAM (1GB, 2GB, 4GB). In addition, we offer various kinds of kits, accessories for Raspberry Pi - for users who already have the device, as for those who are just going to buy them. A very practical set of accessories for course FORBOT (course Raspberry Pi 4) – it contains all the necessary tools and parts to carry out commands given while training. In addition, there are several different sets – among other things, from mikrokomputerami in all three options, complex and formally signed on the forum FORBOT. Shop Botland offers also complex in themselves set with original charger, case, high quality wires (microHDMI and a network cable) and a micro SD card. There are also kits directly from the manufacturer of the tile sets, introducing to the world of IoT (Internet of Things) and Grove Base Kit, that is a set of modules and sensors ready to connect to the Raspberry Pi.