Radiators copper and aluminum needed to cool electronic systems.

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Products by page

Radiator-each each processor

The task of this range is the dissipation of the produced element, it was attached to. This hunk of metal about a very interesting form, as a rule, is equipped with the cooling fan, the aim of which is to maximize the work of the radiators. They are usually made of copper or aluminum, because these resources are well transporterowych heat and they can produce both small and much more impressive items.

Due to its properties and reliability, are used, as a rule, in electronics and in kit for each processor or controller. If the components of their work generate heat, the radiator becomes a must-have accessory. Regardless, if you want to replace components of a desktop computer, or to create an interesting project based on the computing power of the Raspberry Pi (or other minicomputers that also included), always choose proven solutions.

How to choose and install the radiator?

First and foremost, needs to be selected depending on the size. We have original furniture from the best manufacturers on the market, so we are confident that the range in this category is the equipment top shelf. Well-chosen materials and precision manufacturing ensure a safety for users and engines.

Himself the radiator a little bit of his body, if not equipped with additional amenities such as adhesives, pastes and tapes termoprzewodzące. They are available in our store, so we recommend you to buy. They must be changed periodically as during operation can lose their properties, that the radiators will also not be as efficient as possible. If this still does not satisfy Your CPU or modules that are still warm too much, you should add a fan – this should solve the problem.