Every artist and designer knows that work produces heat, so the Department of the radiators will allow You correctly and quickly eliminate them to carry out. We have collected here lots of different decisions of this type and definitely you will find a device suitable for Your projects and systems. These models are compatible with the latest mikrokomputerami like Raspberry Pi, Arduino or NanoPi, in sets ratio termoprzewodzącymi and fans - in short, all you need here.

Products by page

Products by page

Radiators - Warm, warmer, hot!

The IP can be heated to very high temperatures , to avoid damage, you must provide them with adequate working conditions. This is done using radiators of different shapes and properties. You'll find we have radiators of different materials, such as aluminum or copper. Often the range in this room is an additional radiator mounted in the system using the tape termoprzewodzącej that allows for maximum heat extraction from the processor or controller. Radiators are an indispensable and worked accessory anywhere system receiving the heat.

Tailored to the needs of radiators of different brands

Lots of shapes and sizes - and all this in order so you can just pick a heatsink for your processor or controller. Radiators have different characteristics precisely in order to be able to work with every chip. In our store we offer a wide selection of affordable, high quality and best manufacturers, so you get a guarantee of safety and reliability. Remember to check that all the radiator will satisfy Your requirements in the matter of the proper heat removal from the system.

Accessories, as a minor

The radiators are it is just a piece of metal, generally of aluminum or copper, these materials exhibit the best conductivity. But without proper approval and attach the chip seems to be little, so you should buy a good thermal paste and extra fan. This will allow you to use the maximum capacity of the radiators. All these accessories are available in our online store - check it with our rich offer.