Cables USB Lightning

Cables USB Lightning

Category for all having electronic equipment Apple. You have an iphone or ipad? Yeah, that's great because we have a special cable, whereby to charge the device or download data. We have in stock a wide selection of Lightning cables, which are equipped with different tips and lengths. Come in and pick up a suitable cable, but in case of doubt or questions, feel free to contact our customer support team who will gladly assist you in shopping!

USB cables.

USB name comes from the English. Universal Serial Bus is a universal serial bus communication connector, which replaced the legacy serial and parallel ports. The versatility of this port is connected with the possibility of connecting various devices to a computer, for example, camera, scanner, optical disc or USB flash drive. In our store we provide You a full range of USB cables, and among them USB Cables – Lightning tipped with a special Apple devices such as iPhone or iPad.


Apple is a kind of phenomenon on the world market, according to research from Forbes, Apple has been the strongest brand in the world in 2012. The company was founded today the legendary Steve Wozniak, Steve jobs and Ronald Wayne in 1976 with the purpose of the sale of personal computers. Company in 2018 took profit at the level of 265.5 billion. Apple is known for its isolation from other systems and standards. One example is the USB cable – Lightning, suitable only for appliances from the company from Cupertino.

Cables USB – Lightning.

USB cables Lightning are the communication interface of the company nibbled Apple presented in 2012 in September alongside the premieres of new ipod and iphone 5. In our store we offer a wide range of different types of this connector from Apple. Cables USB – Lightning only consists of 8 pins, which significantly wysmuklenie plugin and run it as a two-way, so that it is impossible to connect incorrectly. We invite you to explore our range, which was designed to provide You with convenience and high quality.