Micro:bit - enclosures and accessories

In the category of “Microbit Housing and accessories” you will find the useful body for the whole tile Micro:bit and socket special socket, which can receive up to 40 pins. We have many kinds of types of elements by which you can easily solder a stable connection Your tile development with the chip that he designed. The proposed housing is available in black and transparent - these last are ideal for educational institutions, because it is possible to observe the operation of the device even after you close the case.

Microbit - Case and accessories

Micro:bit is a great tile for development, gives ample opportunities to its users. The main objective of the project, during which it was created, there was a proliferation of engineering (primarily electronics and robotics among children and youth. To that end, special attention was paid to the beautiful, the tile was the most cheap, provided great opportunities and does not require special knowledge for maintenance. Given the specific technical conditions and protective equipment which are designed for young users and obvious reasons for such procedures, you should purchase a device of this type in additional housing. It protects from dust and particles that can get on the track on the PCB and also from the effects of blows and falls from height.

Conclusions - connector, card slot Micro:bit

We offer in our store trims for tiles Micro:bit is a significant simplification, particularly for individuals who intend to connect them to their own systems. The offered products have 40 contacts designed for surface mounting SMD. Soldered so the connection emanating from a specially prepared nest (installation lies primarily on the entrance to the house right coast tiles) are a great relief. This decision, above all, prolongs the life of tiles and allows you to increase the scope of its application. As a user, you can, for example, to develop several modules that will cooperate with the Board Micro:bit, using our proposed slot. To use this module, you only need to install the plate for one of them.