Micro:bit - extension

In this section we offer You the extension for tile development Micro:bit. We have a wide choice of various accessories, through which the modules Micro:bit will become more functional. It is as practical application for everyday use (for example, an armband or extension of the replacement module in the alarm clock or a game console), as an extension through which the device will have more options in more or less standard projects. There are, among other things, an adapter for connecting in a simple way the device contact plate or lining with adjustable columns or more LEDs.

Products by page

Products by page

Microbit - Extension

Micro:bit is a device that is designed to be available for each age group, particularly for young inventors. The purpose of creating this tile was the promotion of interest in teaching technical among children and adolescents. Tile Micro:bit is a great tool that will help you understand the basics of electronics and programming. The device is easily editable, and programming is done using the editor Microbit, it or a simple editor web component. Just move the script for your device, which when connected to the computer is seen as a standard flash memory.

Extension for tile Micro:bit

We offer in this category is the extension, usually the device which in a simple way using the Micro plate:bit, as the basic element of logic full. She can then fulfil the role of full equipment - for example, smart weather station, game console or Controller. We also offer special bandage approach the form of a plate, through which with appropriate programming may be, for example, intellectual smartwatchem combined with the phone via Bluetooth. We also have extensions that greatly enhances the development of more advanced systems. For example, it may be a small LCD screen that will make it so that you will be able to read the current values of variables that you set in the program. We also offer special adapters from the outputs on the Board Micro:bit on the male goldpiny increments the same as the contact plates - this device can be very helpful prototyping. Accessories such as drivers for motors and servos can be useful to developers of mobile robots, whereas the expansion boards provide connection to a large number of components (e.g., sensors or modules of Gravity). We also offer modules with speakers, a set of RGB LEDs, modules, extensions conclusions and many other useful accessories.