Micro:bit modules and kits

In this section you will find the products of the company bi-bi-si Microbit - Modules and sets. Module Micro:bit is a small device, often referred to as minikomputerami or mikrokomputerami. The product has a built-in microprocessor of an excellent aspect ratio for the features it offers. It is a multifunctional tool that can be used as part performed the role of logic and provides communication with mobile devices (through Bluetooth). Minikomputer from bi-bi-si also has a built-in accelerometer, the display consisting of led's, magnetometer and button tact switch.

Products by page

Products by page

Microbit - Modules and sets

In our store we offer Micro:bit from bi-bi-si for purchase individually or in sets. Modules should provide easy access to advanced technology, thanks to which the young generation can be interested in the exact Sciences technical. Each module has a microprocessor 32-bit kernel of ARM Cortex M0 - the equipment also has Bluetooth, accelerometer, magnetometer, LED display, 5x5, button tact switch, USB, microUSB, and 5 banana connectors. The device is powered through USB or through battery. With Micro computer:bit will appear on the Flash memory sufficient to load the script ready, that he began to work with the device. All procedures are maximally simplified, so that the device could be maintained as the youngest users. Tile can be programmed in the editor Microbit, Its editor or simply the editor of the web part. Equipment size is about 52 mm x 43 mm.

What do we offer?

In this category we offer our clients as separate modules Micro:bit, like a number of other features modules in sets for schools (for example, 10 pieces) accessories kits and accessories for people who already have the plate. We offer, among other things, a set Grove Inventor Kit that allows you to expand the capabilities of the platelets of bi-BI-si. Using the kit requires no mechanical skill to solder electronic components. Thus, the prototyping of complex devices is much more efficient and faster. We also offer modules in sets with casing, containers for batteries, with the platform containing the plate, connecting with the USB cable and LEDs, and accessories, to understand the principles of work items such as racks and all kinds of sensors. We also offer a platform for creating robots based their actions on a Micro plate:bit - walking robots, mobile robots (machines czterokołowe, cars dwukołowe), the shoulders of robots and much more.