Raspberry Pi 4 B module and sets

New version of the Raspberry Pi 4 model B. Tthis version offers an faster microcontroller, more RAM (up to 4 GB), two microHDMI ports and faster communication modules, including Gigabyte Ethernet. The minicomputer is also available in sets with original accessories.


  • Raspberry Pi 4B modules and sets

    The latest Raspberry Pi 4B minicomputers, available both as single boards and in sets together with a dedicated power supply, casing or memory card with the operating system.

  • Raspberry Pi 4B enclosures

    The Botland store offer includes enclosures for the latest version of the popular Raspberry Pi 4B minicomputer. In this category you will find covers made of metal, wood and plastic of various shapes and different colors.

  • Power supplies for Raspberry Pi 4B

    The latest version of the Raspberry Pi 4 B minicomputer has an updated power connector in the form of a USB Type C slot. The Botland store offers dedicated original power supplies and tried and tested replacements that work with Raspberry in the fourth version,

  • Memory cards for Raspberry Pi 4B

    MicroSD memory cards with an operating system dedicated for the Raspberry Pi 4B minicomputer. In the Botland store you will find memory cards from the NOOBs system with 16 GB and 32 GB capacity from well-known manufacturers, eg Sandisk or Goodram.

  • Video and audio cables for Raspberry Pi 4B

    Raspberry Pi in the latest version 4B for image transmission requires a microHDMI-HDMI cable, in the offer of the Botland store you will find dedicated audio and video cables of various lengths and colors.

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Products by page