Modules and accessories for Raspberry Pi 4B

Miniature computers jednopłytkowe out sign "raspberry" candle admire, among makerów and fans of robotics, as in the circles of people who are professionally or scientifically related to the widely understood electronics and computer science. This is not surprising, as it module the Raspberry Pi has opened the way for embedded systems with real events available – with clear prices for all consumer groups. In this category you will find both latest miniature computers Raspberry Pi 4B, and all the necessary accessories along with compatible accessories.


  • Modules and kits Raspberry Pi 4B Modules and kits Raspberry Pi 4B

    In June of 2019 premiere of the last part of the legendary microcomputer Raspberry Pi version 4B. It is a reliable brand, which is happy to use electronics and robotycy – no, probably people from the industry, which is not znałaby her though minimal. Each of the following...

  • Enclosure for Raspberry Pi 4B Enclosure for Raspberry Pi 4B

    In this category we offer housing for the Raspberry Pi 4B, differing in material of manufacture, purpose and method of installation. Available as an official production from the makers of the latest Raspberry Pi as corpora created by other manufacturers. Suitable housing...

  • Power supply for Raspberry Pi 4B Power supply for Raspberry Pi 4B

    In this category you will find the power supply for the Raspberry Pi 4B. The offer includes the original device from the manufacturer the latest version of the Raspberry Pi and high-quality substitutes created by other companies. All models in this section have the...

  • Memory card for Raspberry Pi 4B Memory card for Raspberry Pi 4B

    In our store we offer high quality microSD memory card, specially selected for use as a carrier of memory in the last mikrokomputerach Raspberry Pi 4B. With ease you will find cards with capacities from 8 to 32GB. It is worth considering that a more important parameter when...

  • Leads video and audio for the Raspberry Pi 4B Leads video and audio for the Raspberry Pi 4B

    Raspberry Pi 4B-this is the newest model in the popular series of minicomputers. The device offers great technical capabilities – among other things, is capable of transmitting the image and sound high quality through the HDMI port. To make full use of the capabilities of the...

  • Displays for Raspberry Pi 4B Displays for Raspberry Pi 4B

    Legendary mikrokomputery Raspberry affectionately called “malinkami” have a huge recognition among avid fans and experienced electronics. Thanks to these small devices, the creation of effective and useful computer systems much easier. The Raspberry Pi device 4B is the fourth...

  • Camera for Raspberry Pi 4B Camera for Raspberry Pi 4B

    Camera designed for minikomputera Raspberry Pi version 4B, which allow, in particular, the creation of the intellectual monitoring system or many other structures. The store Botland you'll find the camera for the Raspberry Pi with a resolution of 5 Mpx , 8 Mpx with different...

  • GPIO extension and lining HAT for Raspberry Pi 4B GPIO extension and lining HAT for Raspberry Pi 4B

    Tiles, modules and overlays to fit to the connectors GPIO, allowing to extend the capabilities of Raspberry Pi minikomputera 4B. The store Botland you will find in particular intended for Raspebrry PI displays, sensors, keyboard, card ćwiekowe and tricks of others.

  • Mounting elements for Raspberry Pi 4B Mounting elements for Raspberry Pi 4B

    The store Botland you will find minutes. screws, heatsinks and connectors suitable for use with the Raspberry Pi minikomputerem 4B.

  • Computer accessories USB to Raspberry Pi 4B Computer accessories USB to Raspberry Pi 4B

    Mouse, keyboard, network cards, hubs and other USB devices that are compatible with the Raspberry Pi in the latest version of 4B.

Products by page

Products by page

4B Raspberry Pi – a PC that fits in the palm of

One of the main Raspberry Pi project was to preserve the amount not exceeding credit card. Interestingly, this assumption is made already in the first market version of the "raspberry" – managed to maintain, despite the unprecedented growth of possibilities of use and performance calculations, as occurred in the past few years. Latest Raspberry Pi 4B are used in almost all production technologies, integrating in itself as a very powerful, 64-bit, 4-core SoC BCM2711, large amount of RAM and all the necessary connectors familiar with "big" computers. It is easy to notice that a new version of the Raspberry Pi was designed to use a typical "pecetowych" two microHDMI port allows you to connect two monitors with a 4K resolution, and large memory (up to 4 GB of RAM) ensures smooth video playback and running multiple applications running at the same time.

Changes in the joints, that is, there is a new one!

The last "raspberry" offers the well-known from previous versions minikomputera connectors – this GPIO, four full-sized USB ports (two of them serve super high speed USB 3.0 standard, and the other two is a classic USB 2.0), and Ethernet connector. The two connector microHDMI came to the place of the former, a full-sized HDMI connector, whereby neither the dimensions of the Raspberry Pi Board 4B, or the position of other elements has not changed. There was also the connectors of the LCD screen and camera as well as the obligatory slot for memory cards microSD. Significant changes have occurred in the food chain now instead of the micro USB socket on the Board was a USB connector-C that allowed cooperation minikomputera with power supplies, the max output current of about 3 A.

High performance and wide range of accessories

Although a wireless connection using the unit, located on Board the tile is already known from the previous version of the "raspberry", you should pay attention to the parameters of the new module fitted as standard on all variants of Raspberry Pi 4B. The module supports two zones display wi-fi (communication in the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz) and supports a wide range of standards – 802.11 b/g/n/ac. The Bluetooth transceiver supports the latest version 5.0 with data transfer rate up to 2 Mb/s. Changes occurred even in Ethernet controller, which currently supports speeds up to 1000 Mbps. It is worth mentioning that the manufacturers of the Raspberry Pi 4B left "raspberry" itself – along with the premiere of the latest minikomputera for sale are official sources of food, housing and other accessories are fully compatible with the new Board.