Drones DJI Phantom

Chinese brand DJI for a few years of existence, has gained a strong position in the construction market flying. It created the drones represent the high-end platform for wideofilmowania and are even used by professionals. In the headquarters of the DJI located in Shenzen, often defined as the Chinese "Silicon Valley", was established, in particular, drones the DJI Inspire, but also posted in this category DJI Phantom. The latest model of the second mentioned group of products is the fourth in turn, dronem Phantom in the range of the Asian tycoon.


  • Drones DJI Phantom Drones DJI Phantom

    If you are a professional and you need a sound machine to create maps in rugged terrain or for very demanding photo sessions, is to ask the offer on the drones, the DJI Phantom series. Quadrocopterów Phantom series received a great acknowledgement among professionals for their...

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    Spare parts, accessories and spare elements for the drone DJI Phantom.

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    In the mass consciousness drones DJI Phantom associated with flying structures, which due to the location of the screws and the control parameters can perform complex tricks. The most popular models are equipped with quadrocopterów as the camera allows video and still...

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    DJI Phantom drones give their users a huge opportunity. Dynamic lot, improved camera capable of shooting in 4K and OcuSync system, which automatically switches to transmission range low symptoms-this guarantee incredibly smooth transfer of heavenly panoramas. In our store you...

The first ever drones DJI Phantom

Drones DJI Phantom is available in several versions – Standard, Advanced and Professional. Due to the fact that can satisfy the needs of both Amateurs whose wideofilmowanie and flights represent attractive opportunities and for professionals who need konstrukcjom flying higher requirements. Already the first model drone DJI Phantom stand out very attractive options, including a good quality camera, stable flight. They can operate in temperatures ranging from -10oC up to 50oC and guaranteed even up to 25 minutes of operation after battery charging. Because of the relatively low weight (1.2 kg) was easy to transport. The biggest controversy among fans quadrocopterów did, however, model DJI Phantom 3 and 4.

Popular model drone DJI Phantom

DJI Phantom 3 standard equipped with a camera with a matrix of 12 Mpx and a resolution of 4000x3000. Offers three modes of video recording and 2.7 K HD and full HD. In the case of the live program, the user receives the video with very good options: 720p and 30 frames per second. The drone can fly with a maximum speed of 57 km/h. the Professional version of this model offers a matrix of 12.4 Mpx (in reality gives is 0.76 million pixels more than the standard version), and from the available recording modes appears ultra HD. Increased the maximum transfer rate of video from 40 to 60 Mb/s. And how these settings look in the fourth release of the DJI Phantom? The UAV in the standard version provides the possibility of registering a video in the format 2,7 K, full HD and ultra HD, as 4 K. Among shooting modes appears in addition, HDR and burst mode at speeds up to 14 frames per second. And the professional version brings such news as the transfer OcuSync in which the device finds a frequency that allows to minimize interference and automatically switches to the appropriate range. The maximum speed of this model drone to 75 km/h Upgraded construction screws and power, making the flight quieter and hence more convenient for the user and the environment.

Additional equipment drone DJI Phantom

The effects of Your missions dronem DJI Phantom depends on the connection of Your experience and the fantasy of the functions of the quadcopter. However, due to the fixed control and accessories for drones available in our store, you can make adventures in celestial wideofilmowaniem and photography is even more interesting. Here you will find professional transport bags that will help You safely travel with dronem and filters on the lens or glasses of multimedia, providing a route preview with the position of the first observer (FPV). Check also available we have a range of original spare parts for DJI Phantom.