Grove - force sensors and krańcówki

The industrial automation system and building automation system, often have on the equipment and limit switches that provide the on or off of circuits under the force of pressure exerted on the lever krańcówki. We offer limit switches and force sensors, pressure in the form of Grove compatible modules with the plates of Arduino and Raspberry Pi. A simple way to connect and compact dimensions facilitate the use of Grove sensors in various projects of automation systems and measurements.

Sensors, limit switches - a wide range of applications in home and factory

Sensors, limit switches, regardless of the application, perform in practice only two functions - on and off of electrical circuits. When you open the refrigerator, there is a tanning lamp inside it, and Vice versa, when you close it, the light inside the refrigerator goes out, because the lighting inside the refrigerator is required only to look in its interior. This process is realized through limit switch. And in washing machines, and microwave ovens, krańcówka is disconnected from the voltage control circuit and working of these devices in case of opening of the door during operation of the device, performing the function of protecting from damage the device and injury of user. In large machines working at enterprises and other large objects of an industrial nature, krańcówki in many devices and perform similar functions as in devices for home use. When the robot meets industrial failure and malfunctions, the limit switch shuts off power to the control system and actuator of the robot. In construction machines such as trucks, dumpers or excavators, buses, at the time of moving the vehicle backwards, krańcówka starts the sound generator of the cyclic warning signal to warn people and foreign objects. Sensor, Grove end while changing the position of the contact lever, sends a signal binary sensor digital input of Arduino, informing about turning on or off the circuit.

Resistive force sensors pressure - for use in stationary and mobile

FSR sensors used in its construction surface element whose resistance value changes depending on the pressure force on the specified on this element. The surface of the FSR sensor consists of two layers separated from each other by air - conducting layer and dielectric layer. Transmits pressure to the sensor, causing deformation of its conductive layer and the reduction of its resistance. After removal of the load from the sensor, there is an increase in resistance of the conductive layer to the value before application of load to the sensor. Resistive force sensors pressure find application, in particular to electrical musical instruments such as drums and electric keyboards, in which the strength of the kick drum, plate or key, sets the volume of the audio signal at the output of the instrument. They are used as control elements inside the car, for example, to install the outer rear view mirrors.