Grove - covers and accessories

Grove - covers and accessories

Covers and accessories are designed for modules brand Grove. Through the use of protection, we can in a simple way to protect them and hide. Color differentiation allows a quick and easy way to get an idea of where this module is. Our screens can be used in systems Lego and Makeblock. Sold in sets of 4 PCs allow you to shoot multiple modules. We invite all artists and fans pad for shopping at our online store Botland.

Professional or Amateur?

Grove - grilles and accessories-section in our shop where You will find accessories and covers for the Grove system. Selected by our technical Department, we offer You high quality products at affordable prices. We invite you to browse all artists, whether beginner and advanced, occupational, or hobby, in our shop everyone will find something for themselves. We invite you to shop in the online store Botland!

Accessories Grove system

We offer You affordable quality electronics and not just enough to check the other departments with the system of the Grove, where you can find, among other things, starter kits for quick and easy start, basic overlays that extend the capabilities of the system, accelerometers and gyroscopes and sensors, ranging from sensors of gas, dust, air quality, and finishing on special sensors, medical. Category Grove - covers and accessories invites you to purchase.

System Grove

Grove - grid and accessories is one of the several categories of this rich system, we encourage you to read the rest of the range in our store. What is Grove? Speeed Studio offers us many solutions in the form of ready-made modules that are compatible with popular minikomputerami such as Arduino or Raspberry Pi. The use of these modules enables a fast and simple implementation of any project. Through a simple interface, and adapters to easily connect all the elements.