Grove - converters and converters

Cooperation electronic devices with the Executive systems are very often based treatment of some electrical quantities on the second - just as, for example, in audio amplifiers, where the timbre and volume can be adjusted by changing the control voltage parametric EQ and amp, or in mikrokontrolerach where the analog signal is converted into digital form, for example, for manual change speed blink of LED lighting-that. In a prepared store Botland offer inverters and converters Grove, you will find also real-time clock RTC.

Converters ADC connection analog world with the digital world

In the real world, most physical quantities in the electronic circuits represented by analog signals. To the microcontroller or microprocessor has to read voltage whose value odwzorowywuje for example, the ambient temperature, the analog input signal should be subjected to a conversion process into digital form. This process is complicated part of the steps of filtering the signal, sampling frequency, quantization and coding. Accuracy in the display of the input signal in digital form, primarily due to the cutoff frequency of the filter antyaliasingowego, sampling rate through the system sample & hold, and the number of quantization levels and quantization error of the Converter. Converters ADCS are widely used, particularly in communication, personnel elektrometrycznej, automation power amplifiers elektroakustycznych, electric musical instruments and in many other applications of character as hobbystycznym as a professional.

The precise measurement of time clock RTC

Real-time clock (RTC) used in embedded systems that are date and time should be determined before performing any operations that compute, for example, when starting the process or transfer data between two devices. Typically, RTC clock are separate electronic circuits with independent power supplied from the battery with a voltage of 3.0 V, for example, CR2032. Because of this, you can easily turn off the power to the microcontroller in the system built-in, and clock the RTC will continue on a regular basis to measure time. Communication to the RTC is provided with a microcontroller through a serial interface, e.g. SPI or I2C. The RTC system is fitted separately considered indicators that the course read by the microcontroller. These documents contain such information, nt. the date and time, given the month, day, year, hour, minute, seconds and day of the week.

High-quality differential amplifiers, devoid of noise

We offer in our online store Grove Differential Amplifier module, the system INA132 operates in the mode of the differential amplifier, that is, the combination of the amplifier to dissect and nieodwracającego, whose task is the increasing of the voltage difference applied to both the amplifier input and suppress voltage signals common to both inputs of the amplifier. System Grove Differential Amplifier provides amplification of the differential signal 35 or 1085 times, while maintaining high precision and negligible noise. Amplifier module differential Grove, also can work with Arduino and other platforms for embedded systems. Due to the very good working conditions, including high temperature resistance, amplifier module INA132 is a great Foundation in the projects of measuring systems and elektroakustycznych.