Every engine regardless of whether an Amateur work on your mobile device or in professional high precision mechanism, requires proper attachment to the structure. It is not only to provide sufficient rigidity and strength, but also to facilitate a possible operation. However, because each series of motors are characterized by slightly different sizes and shapes, often impossible to use the same mount for multiple models of the drive. That is why we at our store all kinds of fixing DC motors and stepping motors, designed for different types of drives.

Products by page

Products by page

Bracket for Pololu micro motors

Miniature DC motors with metal gearboxes production Pololu doing has been for many years a furor in the market of Amateur robotics. Product line of these tiny drives have waited several series with different characteristics, both in terms of speed and torque. In this category you will find a special attachment series engines Pololu micro, is compatible with both models of the series HP (High Power), MP (Medium Power) and LP (Low Power), as well as with actuators series HPCB (heavy duty engines, with karbonowymi brushes). Depending on your application requirements, you can choose the plastic attachment long and short, or strong aluminum brackets. In addition, we have a closed housing for the engines of this popular series.

Other mounting DC motors

In this category you will also find a bracket with other product lines. For engines 15.5 D, 25D, 37D, we offer all kinds of clamps and brackets in the form of appropriately shaped metal plates, equipped with numerous mounting holes. We also recommend sturdy aluminum mounts for engines 37D made of plate aluminum with a thickness of 6.5 mm – this solution provides high stiffness and mechanical stability and is ideal for applications using motors with high torque. For actuators series MT100 and MT90, we offer light clips made in the technology of 3D printing using PLA grey filamentu. You will find here a bracket series MT86 and tiny discs with a diameter of 6, 7 or 8 millimeters.

Mounting components for stepper motors

If you need reliable fastening of stepper motors in this category you order any kind of support in the form of a strong aluminum and steel corner profile that is compatible in size with engines krokowymi in a variety of sizes. For motors NEMA 14 we have a attachment of type L, comes with screws M3 x 5 mm Large drives NEMA 17 can be set using both aluminium and more powerful, steel brackets – for fastening aluminum, loose sleeve element has a number of small holes, while the steel version has two long holes parallel to the axis of the engine. Such solution significantly facilitates the adjustment of the position of the motor in the forward direction and backward in the case of, for example, with screws of power transmission belts. A similar design of the engine mount NEMA23. In this case, due to the large torques that can be obtained with the use of larger disks – a steel bracket equipped with dospawane on the sides of the brackets, which ensure a high rigidity of the element.